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We will offer demo rides in March/April 2018. After the New England Boat Show and Maine Boatbuilders Show, we will post a schedule. We expect these time slots to fill quickly. The rides will be given by appointment only.

If you'd like us to add you to our mailing list, please send us an email now.

 RSVP:    978.745.3797 or OR complete the form below.

DATES and TIMES:  (Send Demo Request Below)

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Winter Island Yacht Yard, 3A Winter Island Rd, Salem, MA 01970


R21-EC, R23, R27, R29 and R31

If a Ranger Tug is in your plans for boating 2018, NOW is the time to buy. If you are planning for the 2019 boating season, now is the time to make decisions and secure your spot in the production line.

1. If you sign a purchase agreement, you lock in current pricing.

2. The production slots are filling fast. It is possible that if you wait until the Spring to make a decision, you boat may not be ready for you until the season is under way.

3. We have new boats in stock and that means we can get you in a Ranger Tug as soon as you are ready.

4. We offer Ranger Tugs at Factory Direct Pricing. You pay the same price here in Salem, MA, as you would at the Ranger Tug factory in Washington State.

On site, we’ll be ready to answer any questions you might have – whether you are new to boating or experienced. And because we are both a Ranger Tug Dealer and a full-service yard, with over 35 years of experience, we can shed light on what it means to buy, own and maintain a Ranger Tug.

Ranger Tugs are known for their seaworthiness and we’d like you to experience how they handle, so we will be going out wind, rain or shine.

Let us know:
Ranger Tugs en route 1.      The Ranger Tug you would like to experience
2.      The demo date and time you would prefer
3.      The time frame for your Ranger Tug purchase.
4.      How many people will be in your party and whether or not there are any children (please bring their life jackets).

 RSVP:    978.745.3797 or OR complete the form below.

We look forward to demonstrating the Ranger Tugs and are confident these sea trials will confirm that a Ranger Tug is right for you.



Please Tell us a little about yourself and what you are looking for - to better help us help get you on the Ranger Tug that's right for you.

R21EC R23 R27 R29 R31

Choose the date/time you'd like a demo ride.

When are you thinking of buying a Ranger Tug?

Please tell us how many people will be with you and whether or not you will have any children in your group.

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Office Hours: 9:00am - 5:00pm
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Phone: (978)745-3797

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